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From employment physicals & drug screens to workplace accident-related injuries — we’ve got you covered.

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Our talented team of qualified providers & professional staff are here to keep you and your business on track.

Duke City Occupational Healthcare

Duke City Occupational Healthcare provides the workplace healthcare you need with the quality and convenience you know and trust. From employment physicals and drug screenings to the treatment of workplace accident-related injuries, our qualified Occupational Healthcare team provide fast, friendly, high quality care to keep you and your business on track. Our Occupational Healthcare Providers, including Board Certified Specialists, are up-to-date on all federal and state regulations for workforce health and safety. From our DOT certified examiners to our FAA designated specialist, we’ve got you covered.

What is Occupational Healthcare?

When you get sick or injured on the job, it’s important to seek proper medical care. Although care can come from a number of medical facilities, many employers require their employees work with an Occupational Healthcare clinic. Work injuries or illnesses also need to have proper documentation to return to work. Occupational Healthcare clinics specialize in working with those who are filing Workers Compensation claims or who have work-related medical needs. Services offered by an Occupational Healthcare include follow-up care to return to work after injuries, drug testing, pre-employment physicals, vaccinations, DOT physicals, and more. Physicians trained in Occupational Healthcare must be up-to-date on federal and state regulations for workforce health and safety.

Why Choose Duke City Urgent Care for Occupational Healthcare?

Whether you are an employee who has been hurt on the job or a company needing to screen applicants and employees, Duke City Urgent Care offers all of your occupational Healthcare needs. Duke City Urgent Care is equipped with the proper staff and latest technologies to produce accurate, timely diagnosis and medical treatments for medical care 7 days a week. In addition, a dedicated customer service team is on hand to help navigate through medical billing and working with insurance companies to make sure necessary services and treatments are covered.

Occupational Healthcare vs. Occupational Therapy

Occupational Healthcare and occupational therapy sound similar, but are very different practices. While occupational therapy is a specific type of care dealing with patients’ ability to perform daily tasks and activities, occupational Healthcare deals with all aspects of workplace safety and health, focusing on the prevention of health hazards on the job.

Occupational therapy is used for employees with a disability or injury to help them regain mobility, strength, and stamina used for daily activities. Occupational therapists are trained to provide preventative and corrective therapies and treatment plans to increase the quality of life.

At Duke City Urgent Care, we provide a range of services related to the field of Occupational Healthcare, including the treatment of injuries and illnesses, X-ray services, laboratory testing, bloodwork, employment physical examinations, and employment-related drug testing and screening.