Duke City Occupational Healthcare provides numerous drug testing and vaccine options for all your pre-employment and ongoing employee needs to ensure a safe, healthy and productive workplace. All our locations are equipped with the latest machinery and processes for laboratory testing of all kinds, including employer required drug tests. We carry a number of vaccinations to cover any work related injuries and disease prevention.

Duke City Occupational Healthcare provides employment-based drug and alcohol testing for both federally regulated (to include DOT) and non-regulated testing programs. Testing applications include pre-employment, post incident/accident, for-cause/for-reason, and Return to Duty situations. Collections are made by highly trained technicians, with use of established systems and federally approved reference laboratories. Drug testing options include urine, hair, and saliva, in an expanded facility that can allow for 4 evaluations at any one time, insuring rapid turnarounds and short visits. Alcohol testing is performed with DOT approved evidentiary breath testing devices. For federal unregulated situations, custom batteries and rapid point of care testing protocols are available to save time and money. Oversight of our program is supervised by the medical director who is a federally certified Medical Review Officer with over 43 years of experience, who can assist with designing and/or troubleshooting drug and alcohol programs.